• Membership Development Committee

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    This committee should consider the needs of clinical and basic members, as well as potential future members.  

    • This committee has two broad responsibilities: To expand the ASBMR membership roster & to develop member loyalty to and participation in ASBMR 
    • Both require close working relationships with many, if not all, of the other ASBMR committees and deep knowledge of the needs and interests of ASBMR members that can be translated into programs and services.
    • The committee is specifically directed to: nurture and develop young and mid-career investigators recruit new young investigators to the Society and, involve them in the organization through committee or task force work, etc., consider other society benefits, membership categories and marketing approaches and recommend appropriate actions, with proposed business plans
    • The committee should promote retention of current members.
    • This committee should obtain, track and report on membership demographics.
    • The committee will provide mentoring and networking opportunities for young investigators.
    • This committee will provide career development programs for entry-, mid- and senior- level investigators.

    Committee Members
    Suzanne M Jan de Beur , Chairperson
    Sherri Ann Burnett-Bowie
    Wenhan Chang
    M. Hicham Drissi
    Arabella Leet
    Kevin McHugh
    Johannes P van Leeuwen
    Eileen Shore
    Akira Yamaguchi
    Jamie Maurer, Staff Liaison
    Solana Vander Nat, Staff Liaison

    Minority Subcommittee

    B. Avery Ince, Chairperson
    Jacqueline Akech
    Arline Bohannon
    Sylvia Christakos
    Jeanette Keith
    Roger Zebaze
    Jamie Maurer, Staff Liaison
    Solana Vander Nat, Staff Liaison

    Young Investigator Subcommittee
    Wenhan Chang, Chairperson
    Melissa Kacena, Chairperson
    Mark Cooper
    James Edwards
    John Hawse
    Ulrike Moedder
    Micaela Rubin
    Nadia Rucci
    Jiyoon Ryu
    Leanne Saxon
    Yashuhiro Takeuchi
    Wim Van Hul
    Jamie Maurer, Staff Liaison
    Solana Vander Nat, Staff Liaison