• 2016 ASBMR Career Development Session Information

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    Session Overview

    The 2016 Career Development Session is sponsored by the ASBMR Membership and Education and Women in Bone and Mineral Research Committees and will take place on Monday, September 19 from 11:00am - 12:30pm. There will be 20 tables divided amongst the following table topics:

    First Faculty Position: General
    First Faculty Position: Large Teaching Load (Basic Science/Engineering)
    First Faculty Position: Large Clinical Load/Clinical Department
    First Job: Non Faculty
    New Position at New Institution 
    Promotion: Administrative/Leadership
    Research Space


    As a small group discussion leader at this year's session, you will be asked to prepare a 10-minute presentation with your co-leader. The format of the session is as follows: 

    5 minute introduction – Membership Engagement and Education Committee Co-Chairs
    30 minute presentation from Michael Silverman, the Chief Legal Officer at SmithBucklin: "Negotiating for Success"
    10 minutes allotted for Q&A with Michael
    10-15 minutes for Table Discussion Leader Perspective
    5-7 minutes of role-play or negotiation experience discussion with a partner
    5-7 minutes of role-play (partners reverse roles)
    15 minutes for reflection and discussion at table

    Your role as a table discussion leader is to offer your experience with negotiation (relevant to your table topic) and to facilitate conversation amongst the participants at your table. Your discussion can be informal.

    Accept or Decline Invitation to Participate

    To accept or decline your invitation to participate as a small group discussion leader, please respond to the below questions. You must complete this on or before Wednesday, July 20.