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    ASBMR Mentorship Program

    Want to become a mentor?

    ASBMR represents diverse scientific experts at all stages. ASBMR members are willing to share significant scientific experiences and professional expertise on a broad range of topics with other members and offer advice on challenges in many areas during early, mid or late career stages.

    ASBMR members at all career stages are encouraged to enroll as mentors to help other members with career advice and/or offer constructive one-on-one discussion on topics of professional interest. Members can volunteer to mentor in various capacities including, but not limited to, reviewing manuscripts and grant proposals, providing general career advice, and sharing technical expertise. Members are invited to volunteer to serve as a mentor by entering their membership login and password information in the boxes located at the top of this page, then clicking on “Become a Mentor” and indicating the levels in which they are willing to serve, and for which specific areas. Other optional questions should be answered to provide more background for mentees to choose mentors best suited to their needs.

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    Suggested Guidelines for Mentors

    To promote optimal matches with mentee applicants, mentors should be as specific as possible at the time of enrollment. Mentors should not volunteer their efforts in areas in which they do not have sufficient expertise to provide meaningful advice. However, mentors should suggest other mentors and/or co-mentors to optimize the available expertise to the benefit of the mentee. Furthermore, confidentiality and responsible conduct is expected from anyone who registers as a mentor.

    One critical responsibility of mentors is to manage expectations. Junior applicants may have different concepts, perceptions and expectations of what a mentor can do for them. Hence, during the initial contact, potential mentors may wish to ascertain whether they have the requisite expertise, availability, and enthusiasm to meet the needs of the mentee applicant.