• Professional Practice Committee

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    This committee has the responsibility for identifying the needs of ASBMR members who are in academic or community clinical practice.

    • The committee should work closely with the Advocacy, Education and Program Committees to serve this component of the ASBMR membership in advocacy efforts, educational products, the Annual Meeting program, and other venues.
    • This committee should monitor educational activities of relevant clinical societies and research and recommend new programs with proposed business plans.

    Committee Members

    Robert A Adler, Chairperson
    Raj Bhattacharya, Ad-Hoc
    Carolyn Becker
    Richard Bockman
    Piet Geusens
    Karen Hansen
    Bente L Langdahl
    Salvatore Minisola
    Silvina Levis
    Sunil J Wimalasansa
    Douglas Fesler, Staff Liaison