• Publications Committee

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    This committee is charged with oversight of the policies and procedure of all publications owned or sponsored by ASBMR, including the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research and the Primer.

    • This committee is responsible for approving ASBMR Primer and JBMR Associate Editor appointments.
    • This committee should strive to advise the Executive Committee, Council and staff about new opportunities to further the ASBMR mission, raise its profile, and contribute to the ASBMR's revenues through its publications.

    Committee Members
    F. Patrick Ross, Chairperson
    Doug Bauer
    Thomas L. Clemens, Ex Officio
    Hong-Wen Deng
    Gustavo Duque
    Louis Gerstenfeld
    Christopher Kovacs
    Joan C Marini
    John J Wysolmerski

    Primer Editorial Board
    Clifford J. Rosen, Chair
    Juliet E. Compston
    Pierre D. Delmas
    Marie Demany
    Theresa A. Guise
    Suzanne Jan De Beur
    Richard Keen
    Jane Lian
    Laurie McCauley
    Socrates Papoulos
    Vicki Rosen
    Ego Seeman
    Rajesh Thakker
    Matt Kilby, Staff Liaison