• June 9, 2006

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    ASBMR 2006 Summer Council Meeting

    June 9, 2006
    Philadelphia, PA, USA

    Call to Order
    At 8:35 a.m., ASBMR President Elizabeth Shane welcomed participants, announced a quorum, and reviewed ASBMR’s confidentiality statement. Dr. Shane reiterated the need for Councilors to review the disclosure spreadsheet and recognize when they are in conflict during the meeting and recuse themselves as necessary.

    President’s Report
    Approval of February Council Meeting Minutes

    A motion was made to approve the February 2006 Council Minutes. The motion passed.

    ASBMR Executive Director
    Dr. Shane noted that ASBMR Executive Director Ann Elderkin joined the team in February 2006. She thanked Ms. Elderkin and the ASBMR staff members who have helped bring her up to speed on Society activities; this includes ASBMR Deputy Executive Director Karen Hasson, Senior Communications Director Adrienne Lea and Senior Director of Finance Marc Charon.

    ASBMR Grant Programs
    Dr. Shane reported on the ASBMR Career Enhancement Awards (CEAs) and the ASBMR Bridge Funding Research Grants. She noted:

    • ASBMR received 19 applications for the 2006 CEA awards.
    • ASBMR received ten applications for Bridge Funding Research Grants.

    Dr. Shane thanked ASBMR Senior Project Coordinator Earline Marshall, Ms. Lea and the North Carolina Office staff for all of their work in helping to implement these two ASBMR Grant Programs.

    ASBMR Co-sponsorships of Other Meetings
    Dr. Shane noted that ASBMR has agreed to co-sponsor the following meetings:

    • 1st International Conference on Osteoimmunology: Interactions of the Immune and Skeletal Systems in Crete, Greece.
    • 10th Congress of the International Society of Bone Morphometry (ISBM) which will immediately follow the ASBMR Annual Meeting in Philadelphia.
    • 8th Annual Meeting of Japan Osteoporosis Society (JOS), ASBMR will co-sponsor a session entitled, “Clinical Development of New Therapeutic Agents.”

    Dr. Shane noted that future co-sponsorships are being explored:

    President-Elect Report
    Dr. Goldring reported that the 2007 Annual Meeting Program Co-Chairs are ASBMR members Juliet Compston and Harald Jueppner. He also reported on meeting with Committee chairs (individually by conference call) and at the recent Committee Chair meeting and noted:

    • Committee Chairs were enthusiastic about having a Councilor join each Committee as a Committee Liaison to the Council.
    • More Committee communication is needed, especially in preparing for Annual Meeting Committee sessions.

    Executive Director’s Report
    Ms. Elderkin expressed her gratitude to the ASBMR Executive Committee, Council and Staff for their support and help in getting her up to speed with the many ASBMR programs and activities. She noted:

    • The monthly management report was implemented to update Council more frequently on ASBMR activities. Staff will continue to explore ways to communicate to Council and the ASBMR membership.
    • ASBMR is in good fiscal health and ASBMR Senior Director of Finance Marc Charon is an invaluable resource.

    Secretary-Treasurer Report
    ASBMR Secretary-Treasurer Marc Drezner reported on the financial health of the Society as of April 2006:

    • ASBMR’s annual topical meetings earn revenue and the 2006 Vitamin D Meeting in December is expected to generate revenue; corporate support is an important revenue source for these meetings.
    • ASBMR administrative expenses increased over several years due to hiring additional staff to implement an increasing number of new programs and activities.
    • ASBMR staff, in 2006 will attribute staff time to specific programs and activities; this information will be provided to Council and Committee Chairs in the future.
    • The ASBMR Annual Meeting continues to be the core program for the Society and continues to bring in a substantial amount of revenue.

    ASBMR Investment Report
    Dr. Drezner noted that the Finance Committee recommends:

    • ASBMR exercise due diligence and consider other investment firms by submitting RFPs to other firms.
    • ASBMR will provide more oversight of Mercantile.

    ASBMR Investment Policy Change
    Dr. Drezner noted that the Society should consider the limit of risk it is willing to accept before considering a more aggressive investment strategy. He reviewed the document, Invested Reserves Scenarios, which compared projected returns for three portfolio scenarios with Mercantile and another investment firm.

    Discussion noted that investment firms submitting RFPs should also submit a plan that considers how aggressive ASBMR should be when investing reserves.

    A motion was made to seek RFP’s from Investment Firms and within the RFP have the firm recommend how aggressive ASBMR should be and provide history of the firm’s portfolio. The motion passed.

    ASBMR 2005 Audit Report

    Ms. Elderkin noted that the 2005 ASBMR Audit Report is complete and a copy is in the Council Book.

    A motion was made to approve the 2005 ASBMR Audit Report. The motion passed.

    Proposal to Revise Ethics and Policy Guidelines
    Dr. Shane thanked ASBMR Ethics Advisory Committee Chair Julie Glowacki and EAC member Larry Raisz and ASBMR Attorney Peter Wolk for joining the meeting for this discussion. She provided background information about requesting that the EAC revisit the Ethics Policy in September 2005, in particular Section II, to provide the ASBMR Officers and Councilors with specific criteria to identify what is and is not a conflict of interest.

    Ethics Policy: II. (4) During their tenures, the Officers of ASBMR should consult with others, including the Ethics Advisory Committee, on the significance of actual or apparent conflicts or biases arising from work with corporate entities in relation to their primary roles as the senior leadership.

    Dr. Glowacki noted that the EAC reviewed the information provided from the February Council Meeting and reviewed ten industry-related activities that ASBMR leaders could encounter and require guidance on regarding the potential for real or perceived conflict of interest. In its deliberations, the EAC agreed that any proposed policy changes should be based on two principles:

    • A general principle that discourages the use of ASBMR leadership positions and status to promote commercial interests.
    • A general principle that discourages an ASBMR leader from participating in decisions and activities that could affect the value of a commercial enterprise in which the leader has a financial interest.

    Discussion noted:

    • ASBMR Past-President, President-Elect, and Secretary-Treasurer are all in one category class; perhaps the Past-President does not need to be included in this grouping.
    • The Ethics Policy does not appear to allow a member employed by industry to serve as President.
    • The Ethics Policy does not refer to the role that a member employed by industry could play in the Society.

    Dr. Glowacki noted that the majority of Council, in previous discussions, felt grouping all of the Executive Committee together was appropriate.

    Dr. Shane noted that the EAC will address the role of industry-employed members in the near future.

    Dr. Glowacki reviewed the ballot and Council voted. After the Council vote, the ballots were tallied by ASBMR Staff and results shared with Council.

    The EAC will work with Peter Wolk to draft new policy language to address the activities as voted on by Council and will present the revised policy to the Council for approval at its next meeting in September.

    Nominating Committee Report
    Dr. Drezner recused himself for this discussion. ASBMR Councilor and Nominating Committee member Daniel Bikle reported on the slate for the 2007 Ballot for ASBMR President-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer, Council, and recommendations for new committee members. He reminded Council that this information is confidential until candidates are contacted.

    After discussion, a motion was made to approve the Nominating Committee’s recommended slate of ASBMR Officers and Committee members. The motion passed.

    Proposal to Approve Position Statement on Calcium and Vitamin D

    Dr. Shane reported that the Statement on Calcium and Vitamin D is being revised and Council will review it at a later date.

    Proposal to Approve Position Statement on Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (ONJ)

    Dr. Shane reported that a task force should be convened that includes all stakeholders before an ONJ Position Statement moves forward. The ONJ Task Force will be charged with:

    • Making a recommendation for a provisional case definition, so that subsequent studies report on the same condition.
    • Reviewing carefully the current available information, in order to assess what is actually known and what is not known about ONJ.
    • Identifying the key questions that the scientific community should address, both in the short and long term.
    • Recommending the development of non-invasive diagnostic and imaging techniques with which to better characterize and diagnose the disorder.
    • Offering a research agenda that will elucidate incidence, pathophysiology, and etiology of ONJ.
    • Suggesting recommendations for clinical management when the diagnosis of ONJ has been made.

    A motion was made to have the Executive Committee move forward with creating a broad-based task force to develop an operational definition on ONJ. The motion passed.

    Proposal to Change Bylaws to Establish Secretary-Treasurer Elect Position

    Dr. Shane reported:

    • At the February 2006 Council Meeting, Council recommended a Bylaws change to allow the Secretary-Treasurer to remain on the Executive Committee as an ad hoc member for one year after his or her term expires.
    • The recommendation was made after Council considered that the incoming Secretary-Treasurer, elected every three years, could benefit from the expertise acquired by the outgoing Secretary-Treasurer.
    • To make this change for the incoming 2006 Secretary-Treasurer, staff investigated the cost associated with mailing a ballot to the membership separate from the one sent annually each November for the election of officers.
    • ASBMR staff found in Article VII, Section 1 of the Bylaws that the Executive Committee could make Council’s recommendation change by appointment. Benefits to making this change by appointment include:
    • ASBMR saves $5,000 in printing and mailing a single ballot item to the membership.
    • The Executive Committee will have flexibility in the future to revisit this decision.
    • The intent and desired results can be accomplished by the appointment.

    Dr. Shane noted that the Executive Committee proposes the following process for Council approval:

    • The current Secretary-Treasurer is appointed to serve on the Executive Committee (as a voting member) and on the Finance Committee for one year after his term ends, while the newly elected Secretary-Treasurer serves his first year of office beginning in September 2006.
    • On the next ballot in November 2006, the ASBMR membership will be asked to approve a bylaws change to reflect that the term of the Secretary-Treasurer will be three years and divided into two parts: first year as Secretary-Treasurer Elect and two years as Secretary-Treasurer.

    A motion was made to approve the Executive Committee recommendation to allow the current Secretary Treasurer to be appointed to serve on the Executive Committee (as a voting member) for one year after his term ends, while the newly elected Secretary-Treasurer serves his first year of office and on ASBMR’s next annual ballot, members will be asked to approve a bylaws change to reflect that the term of a Secretary-Treasurer will be three years and divided into two parts: Secretary-Treasurer-Elect for one year and Secretary-Treasurer for two years. The motion passed.

    Proposal to Establish Young Academician Subcommittee of Membership Development Committee

    ASBMR Councilor Thomas Spelsberg reported:

    • Many young investigators who are members of the Society have expressed concerns that it is difficult to play a role in the Society.
    • To help alleviate this problem the Society should establish a Young Academician/Investigator Subcommittee of the Membership Development Committee (MDC).
    • The proposed YI subcommittee would be under the MDC and could be composed of U.S. and international members.

    Discussion noted that the written proposal should omit the number of members from each geographic location and instead note: “there will be international member representation.”

    A motion was made to constitute a YI subcommittee of MDC with international representation. The motion passed.

    2006 Annual Meeting
    Dr. Shane commended the Annual Meeting Program Co-Chairs Andy Arnold and Susan Greenspan. She highlighted:

    • The Gerald D. Aurbach Memorial Lecturer will be Elaine Fuchs from the Rockefeller University.
    • The Louis V. Avioli Memorial Lecturer will be Henry Kronenberg from the Massachusetts General Hospital.
    • ASBMR Past-Presidents Clifford Rosen and Jane Aubin will Co-Chair the ASBMR and IBMS Joint Symposium on Fat and Bone.
    • ASBMR received 1,746 submitted abstracts for the meeting.

    Dr. Shane thanked Ms. Hasson, ASBMR Program Manager Rebecca Myers, Program Assistant Kiley Thornton and Senior Convention Manager Melissa Huston and her staff for helping to organize the upcoming Annual Meeting.

    Ms. Myers noted:

    • Abstract submissions are down by 5.2 percent from 2005.
    • ASBMR received abstracts from 42 countries.
    • From the abstracts received 60 percent were clinical and 40 percent were basic.

    Dr. Shane noted that this breakdown is misleading, because several of the categories designated “clinical” attract a large number of basic abstracts. This is particularly true of Osteoporosis: Pathophysiology, Other Disorders of Bone and Mineral Metabolism, Genetics, Mechanical Loading.

    EFF-ASBMR First Annual Forum on Metabolic Bone Disease for Fellows in Training
    Dr. Shane reported:

    • The Endocrine Fellows Foundation (EFF) and the ASBMR will provide an educational program for 100 fellows on September 14, 2006, a day before ASBMR’s Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, PA.
    • The program co-chairs are John Bilezikian (EFF) and Marjorie Luckey (ASBMR).
    • The meeting format will include four lectures and breakout sessions similar to ASBMR’s Meet-the-Professor sessions.
    • Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education ( ACCME) requirements will be followed to organize the meeting.
    • The program is limited to 100 fellows because it is meant to be a small, interactive session.
    • Registration for the meeting is on a first-come first-serve basis with no more than two registrants from any one institution.

    Future Annual Meeting Location for 2015
    Ms. Hasson noted that ASBMR Annual Meetings are scheduled through 2014. A list of locations is provided in a memorandum from Ms. Huston located in the Council Book. Meeting locations for 2015 will be discussed at the September 2006 Council Meeting.

    Proposal to Increase Non-Member Speaker Honoraria
    Dr. Shane reported that the Executive Committee recommended that Council increase the non-member speaker honoraria to $1,000. Council approved the recommendation by email vote, which now needs to be ratified.

    A motion was made to increase the non-member speaker honoraria at ASBMR meetings to $1,000. The motion passed.

    2007 Annual Meeting in Hawaii
    Ms. Elderkin noted that Council needs to determine how the Society should adapt its marketing plans for the 2007 Annual Meeting in Hawaii.

    After further discussion, a motion was made to approve the use of up to $300,000 for the implementation of approaches (yet to be defined) to help offset the travel expenses for attendees (focused on young investigators) to attend the 29th Annual Meeting in Hawaii in September 2007. The motion passed.

    Contemporary Diagnosis and Treatment of Vitamin D-Related Disorders Meeting
    Dr. Drezner reported:

    • ASBMR’s annual topical meeting on Vitamin D-Related Disorders will be held on December 4-5, 2006, in Arlington, Virginia, USA.
    • The preliminary program is complete.
    • The abstracts submission deadline is September 1, 2006.

    Update on Scientific Publishing Task Force
    Dr. Shane reported that the ASBMR Task Force on Scientific Publishing examined the current regulations in place for industry supported scientific research and conflicts of interest, possible future amendments that should be made to these regulations and steps that will need to be taken in the future to ensure that these rules are followed and that the integrity of scientific publishing as a whole is maintained. This Task Force was charged with reviewing whether modifications to existing submission requirements could help assure complete and unbiased reporting of clinical trial results. Consensus was reached on supporting the AAMC Principles and Task Force members will present the recommendations of the Task Force to their respective societies.

    JBMR Authorship Issue
    Dr. Shane updated Council members on a publications issue regarding a complaint made by a co-author of a JBMR-published article.  

    JBMR Editor’s Report
    The JBMR Editor John Eisman reported:

    • JBMR Associate Editor Olof Johnell passed away on April 22, 2006.
    • JBMR Online went live in March 2006. The new site offers a number of improvements for users and staff members are able to personalize the site rapidly in response to issues that may arise quickly.

    Dr. Eisman also noted that the JBMR received 40 papers were received for the Raisz-Drezner Award; 13 have been provisionally accepted for publication.

    Journal Evaluation Task Force
    Dr. Shane reported:

    • ASBMR constituted the Journal Evaluation Task Force to explore possible changes to improve the JBMR.
    • The task force met by conference call and discussed information on clinical, basic and translational submissions and agreed that the review process for each category was balanced.
    • The task force also reviewed the costs to the society of publishing two journals.
    • The task force members recommend that the JBMR remain one journal publishing clinical, basic and translational articles.

    Dr. Shane noted that the Executive Committee approved the recommendation from Dr. Lorenzo that the Journal Evaluation Task Force members should also become the JBMR Editor Search Committee.

    PRIMER Editor’s Report
    ASBMR Publications Director Adrienne Lea reported:

    • The sixth edition of the Primer on the Metabolic Bone Diseases and Disorders of Mineral Metabolism (Primer) is being printed; 20,000 copies will be printed.
    • The first major marketing mailing is underway.

    Dr. Shane thanked Ms. Lea, ASBMR Senior Publications Assistant Matt Kilby and the ASBMR Publications Office staff for their work in publishing the Primer.

    Dr. Spelsberg noted that the appendix at the end could include a glossary of terms in the future.

    Ms. Lea also noted that this Primer slide set will be available online.

    Approval of Consent Agenda

    A motion was made to approve the ASBMR consent agenda. The motion passed.

    New Business/Other

    Councilor-Committee Interaction

    Dr. Shane briefly reviewed the discussions from the Committee Chair Meeting and the Strategic Retreat that focused on having Council liaisons on Committees.

    A motion was made to increase communication between Council and Committees by having a Council member become a committee liaison for a one year term. The motion passed.

    Proposal to Supplement Funding for K Awardees

    Dr. Bikle briefly discussed the concerns about K award funding:

    Council, by consensus, tabled this discussion until the September 2006 Council Meeting.

    Dr. Shane adjourned the meeting at 3:40 p.m.