• Standardization of Bone Structure and Density Nomenclature

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    April 2012

    The Task Force on Standardization of Bone Structure and Density Assessment is a working group convened by NIH and ASBMR whose aim is to discuss the need for standardization of nomenclature, image acquisition, and image analysis for non-invasive bone imaging methods for human studies, such as quantitative computed tomography (QCT), high resolution peripheral quantitative computed tomography (hr-pQCT), and high resolution magnetic resonance imaging (hr-MRI).

    Currently, several different algorithms are being used for the analysis of images acquired from QCT, hr-pQCT and hr-MRI. Consensus on terminology (i.e., nomenclature) for outcome variables, as well as recommendations for image acquisition and analysis would enhance evaluation of the clinical utility of these techniques.

    Objectives of the Task Force include:
    » Determination and prioritization of needs with regard to standardization of terminology and nomenclature used to describe outcome variables for various imaging techniques.
    » Development of approaches for standardization of image acquisition and analysis algorithms for key variables from each technique.
    » Presentation to the community at large any resulting proposals for discussion and feedback.

    The purpose of this web site posting is to provide the initial efforts of this Task Force to the research public. The Task Force members hope that you will review the documents with the selected variables and proposed nomenclature for hip and spine QCT, hr-pQCT, and hr-MRI (micro-MRI).