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    Over the last 15 years a revolution in electronic communication has significantly changed many of the ways that we interact.  We live in a world where most of us are wired to each other through email, web sites and mobile voice and data transmissions.  In the scientific and clinical arena, where the majority of ASBMR members reside, the effects of this communications revolution are numerous.  It is now unusual to actually hunt down a journal in a library.  Email rather than phone calls or "snail mail" is the most frequent means by which we communicate and popular social media sites have become a standard way for friends to keep up with each other.  In recognition of the importance of the Internet and other "new media" the ASBMR has appointed me to be its first Scientific Web Editor.  I am truly honored to be selected for this position and a little intimidated to be the first to have this job.  I believe that we have not yet fully tapped the potential of this media.  I hope that in the not too distant future members will frequently use the resources available on the Society's web site to enhance their daily professional activities and better interact with each other. 

    This Society already has a great record of publications with a high impact journal in the JBMR, and the wonderful resources of the Primer. Tom Clemens and Cliff Rosen, the Editors of these publications, along with their Associate Editors, Editorial Boards and Chapter Authors have consistently maintained the highest standards of scientific publishing.  I hope to enhance their excellent efforts by providing additional resources through the Society's Web Page.  Starting immediately, I will post links along with some short commentary about recently published articles in journals other than the JBMR.  These will be varied and, hopefully, represent significant advances in the areas of basic, translational and clinical bone and mineral research.  I also want to provide links to articles in the lay press about topics that are relevant to the mission of the Society and of interest to the membership.  Finally, I want to establish forums where members can post questions related to their professional activities such as the best ways to perform a scientific technique or analyze a study, which other members might better be able to answer.  In the near future, I would like to enhance the teaching resources that are available on the web page by providing additional high quality slide sets. 

    These are a few of my ideas.  However, I suspect that I only have begun to scratch the surface of what is possible.  This is where you, dear reader, can greatly help by providing me with your ideas and feedback about what we might do to improve the site as well as what additional topics should be included on the page.  Please send your comments (and criticisms) to Webeditor@asbmr.org.  I will try to be responsive to your input and hope that together we can develop a truly unique web page, which will greatly improve the way we interact as well as how we perform our professional activities. 

    Joe Lorenzo
    Farmington, Connecticut, USA