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    Welcome to the Primer Editor-in-Chief application system.  Please carefully read the instructions below.  If you have questions or encounter difficulties using the system, please email ASBMR staff person Jessica Baumgartner at jbaumgartner@asbmr.org.

    Application Materials

    Unless indicated otherwise, applications must include the following materials submitted in MS Word or PDF formats.  Applications missing any required documentation will not be considered by the Primer Editor-in-Chief Search Committee.

      • Cover Letter - One to two page letter of interest summarizing your qualifications
      • Updated Curriculum Vitae
      • Other Supporting Materials – Responses to EIC Questionnaire
      • Letter of Support - One to five letters of support submitted Primer EIC Search Committee (See Step 4 below).

    Application Instructions

    Step 1:  Login to the ASBMR website using your member login.

    Step 2:  Upload your Cover Letter, Curriculum Vitae and Other Supporting materials using the "Choose File" buttons.  Note: Upon pressing the "Choose File" button, a window will open from which you can select the file you wish to upload from your computer.

    Step 3: After selecting all files you wish to upload, click the "Submit" button.  Your application upload will proceed automatically.  Once complete, a confirmation message will appear on the page.

    Step 4:  Request that persons writing letters of support for your application direct the letters to the Primer Editor-in-Chief Search Committee via email to jbaumgartner@asbmr.org.