• General Charges to All Committees

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    • To ensure that Committee Chairs and members are rotated in accordance with Council guidelines.
    • To recommend candidates to the ASBMR Nominating Committee for new members.
    • To ensure appropriate communication among its members and with Council.
    • To learn and share knowledge of ASBMR's history, mission, policies and procedures and to help ensure that activities are congruent with ASBMR's mission, the continuity of its programs, when indicated, and the maintenance of its policies and procedures.
    • To submit business plans for new programs/expenditures and comply with ASBMR's policies for review and approval before implementation.  
    • To work under the direction of Council and in partnership with staff.  
    • To ensure compliance with the ASBMR budget, policies and timelines.  
    • To establish yearly goals and objectives, to review them periodically and to report progress and activities in writing to the Council three times a year.