• Science Policy Committee

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    This committee is charged with considering long-term and short-term policy questions referred by ASBMR Council, other Committees or ASBMR staff or self-identified and with developing business plans for, and when approved, planning and helping to develop background materials, surveys and meetings, as needed, along with policy recommendations.

    • This committee is responsible for prioritizing policy issues and focusing on areas critical to the Society and where effort is likely to have an impact, such as increasing debt-relief programs for researchers, especially physician-scientists.
    • This committee should track the effect of policies in which it has involvement in, such as the impact of the CSR reorganization.
    • This committee should work with coalitions to help maintain a career track for clinical investigators and basic researchers.

    Committee Members
    Paula Stern, Chairperson
    Yousef Abu-Amer
    Robert A Adler, Ex Officio
    Anne Delany
    Mark L. Johnson, Ex Officio
    Kurt D Hankenson
    Lorena M Havill
    Robert Marcus
    Thomas Rosol
    Douglas Fesler, Staff Liaison
    Angela Cangemi, Staff Liaison