• Qualifications

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    Any individual with a doctoral degree (or research experience equivalent to that required for such a degree) who has demonstrated a major and continuing interest in the field of bone and mineral metabolism is eligible for membership. Applicants are encouraged to have at least one publication in the field of bone and mineral research. Completion of specialized training in a research laboratory emphasizing the investigation of mineral and bone metabolism or clinical training (medical, dental or veterinary) in a field related to mineral and bone metabolism is desirable but not mandatory for membership.

    ASBMR allows candidates who hold a terminal degree (i.e., M.D., Ph.D., etc.), who have not published at least one creditable paper, monograph, or other publication in the field of bone and mineral research, to append a suitable explanation for the omission to their applications. No supporting letter is required. A candidate for membership who lacks a doctoral degree, may still apply for membership by appending to his or her application a suitable explanation, along with a letter of endorsement from a current member of the Society.

    Candidates applying for In-training membership must submit a letter from their mentor documenting their training status. No doctoral degree or publication is required to apply for In-training membership.