• August 28, 2007

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    ASBMR Fall Council Meeting Minutes

    Washington, DC, USA
    August 28, 2007

    Call to Order and Introductions
    At 8:30 a.m., ASBMR President Steven Goldring welcomed participants, recognized a quorum, and reviewed ASBMR’s confidentiality statement. Dr. Goldring reiterated the need for Councilors to review the disclosure spreadsheet and recognize when they are in conflict during the meeting and recuse themselves as necessary.

    Approval of Council Minutes and Ratification of Electronic Votes
    A motion was made and seconded to ratify the electronic votes on the following topics:

    • June 13, 2007, Council Meeting Minutes
    • Thomas L. Clemens, Ph.D., as the next JBMR Editor-in-Chief
    • Endorsement of ASBMR Task Force report on Bisphosphonate-Associated Osteonecrosis of the Jaw.

    The motion passed.

    Council will meet at the ASBMR 29th Annual Meeting just prior to the ASBMR Business Meeting on September 18, 2007, in accordance with the ASBMR Bylaws.

    President’s Report
    Dr. Goldring highlighted several recent ASBMR accomplishments from his August 14, 2007 report to Council.

    • Program Co-Chairs, Juliet Compston, M.D., FRCP, and Harold Jueppner, M.D., have done an outstanding job planning the scientific program for the 29th Annual Meeting.
    • ASBMR partnered with the Endocrine Fellows Foundation (EFF) for the second consecutive year to offer the Fellows Forum in Metabolic Bone Diseases.
    • Planning continues for the December 6-7, 2007, topical meeting, Targeting Bone Remodeling for the Treatment of Osteoporosis.
    • ASBMR is continuing to develop relationships with other societies, national and international, to expand awareness of the ASBMR in the United States and abroad.
    • The Journal Evaluation Task Force established by the Council in June 2006 has completed its report that is currently available on JBMR WebFirst and will be published in the November issue of the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research (JBMR).
    • The annual Sister Societies Meeting was held in July with President Steve Goldring, Past President Elizabeth Shane, M.D. and Executive Director Ann L. Elderkin, P.A., in attendance.

    President-Elect’s Report
    ASBMR President-Elect Barbara Kream reported that she is looking ahead to the coming year and the plans in motion for 2008 and beyond. She reiterated the five key strategic directions which leadership developed last year to serve as a roadmap to better serve the membership and guide her term as President.

    Executive Director’s Report
    ASBMR Executive Director Ann Elderkin presented highlights of her report and noted:

    • Maureen McBride joined the staff in July as an Association Associate.
    • The Strategic Directions Progress Update can be found in the Council Book.
    • Corporate support remains strong, and she will continue to take the lead in seeking corporate support until the Development Director position is filled.
    • ASBMR President-Elect Barbara Kream and Councilor René St. Arnaud attended the SmithBucklin leadership workshop with Ann Elderkin.

    Secretary-Treasurer’s Report

    Update on 2007 Budget
    ASBMR Secretary-Treasurer Keith Hruska reported:

    • The Second Quarter Forecast showed a positive variance from Budget.
    • The Annual Meeting is doing much better than budget and is positive from all sources of revenue (Registration, Corporate Support and Exhibitor Fees)

    Update on Corporate Support
    Ann Elderkin reported:

    • Corporate Support for the Annual Meeting is strong.
    • We are currently forecasting to exceed budget.

    Investments Update
    UBS Financial Services Investments Vice President Chris Jackson presented an update of ASBMR’s portfolio performance and total value and asset allocations.

    2006 Audit Report
    Dr. Hruska reported that the Independent Auditor’s Report noted that the financial position of the ASBMR and the results of its operations and cash flows for 2006 ended in conformity with accounting principles generally accepted in the U.S.

    A motion was made and seconded to approve the 2006 Audit Report. The motion passed.

    Proposed Net Assets Policy
    Dr. Hruska reviewed the net assets policy approved by Council February 2004:

    Dr. Hruska noted that, at the June 13, 2007, Council Meeting, Council recommended that staff develop models for different scenarios for Operations and Investment Returns to determine how long excess reserves would last for recommendation to Council at its next Council Meeting on August 28th and vote on a new policy.

    Proposed New Net Assets Policy

    • ASBMR’s target range is to maintain the Net Asset to be equal to the Operating Expenses (excluding Non-Operations) between 80 percent and 100 percent, with a minimum of no less than 70 percent and a maximum of no greater than 110 percent.
    • The ASBMR Council should be made aware and separately vote that they are approving a budget that is not within the target range. The Treasurer shall additionally notify the Council quarterly if the Annual Forecast (Estimated Projection) does not maintain the target range.
    • Should the Net Assets increase to greater than 90 percent, the Council may approve spending up to one half of the excess and the funds would need to be used for strategic initiatives that would provide an added value back to the members of ASBMR.

    A motion was made and seconded to approve the proposed net assets policy. The motion passed.

    Request to Support U.S. Bone and Joint Decade (USBJD) Young Investigators Initiative
    Ann Elderkin presented the USBJD request for $5,000 to support the USBJD Young Investigator Initiative. These awards focus on developing young clinical researchers in the field of musculoskeletal research.

    Discussion noted that ASBMR members should be informed of this program, and awards should be open to basic scientists as well as clinical investigators.

    A motion was made and seconded to support U.S. Bone and Joint Decade Young Investigators initiative in the amount of $5,000 and to recommend that the program be open to basic scientists and not restricted to clinical investigators. ASBMR members should also be made aware of this initiative. The motion passed.

    Young Investigator Travel Grants Awards to the ASBMR Annual Meeting
    Dr. Goldring sought Council consensus to consider expanding the young investigator travel grants program to future ASBMR Meetings. Council, by consensus of 10 in favor and 2 not in favor, will consider expanding the program.

    Invitation to Present Guest Society Symposium at Annual Meeting of American Association of Immunologists (AAI)
    Mark Horowitz presented an invitation to ASBMR to participate as a Guest Society in the 2008 AAI Annual Meeting. AAI is a cosponsor of Experimental Biology 2008, to be held in San Diego, California, USA, April 5-9, 2008.

    Discussion noted that the Society should better communicate to the membership that ASBMR financial support for initiatives such as the AAI’s Guest Society Symposium is available and encouraged. A formal process should be developed for any member to request financial support for similar initiatives. The Society may need to develop a review system to consider such requests.

    A motion was made to support Guest Society Symposium at the Annual Meeting of American Association of Immunologists (AAI) for up to $6,000. The motion failed.

    Publications Report
    JBMR Update

    John Eisman presented highlights of his report to Council:

    • As of July 24, 2007, 415 new manuscripts have been received by the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research.
    • JBMR Associate Editor Huibert Pols, who was recently appointed to replace the late Olof Johnell, has resigned got personnel reasons.
    • The average time from submission to initial decision is 27 business days, excluding triaged manuscripts (see below).
    • The Journal impact factor of 6.635 places JBMR 8th out of 93 journals in the Endocrinology and Metabolism category.
    • Of all new manuscripts submitted this year, 35 percent were basic, 29 percent translational and 36 percent clinical. Manuscripts published in these categories break out as follows: 36 percent basic, 27 percent translational and36 percent clinical.
    • A manuscript triage system was initiated to reduce the delays.
    • This year the Publications Office has continued the summer institutional marketing campaign, targeting non-subscribing libraries.
    • With the growth of the manuscript submissions and Letters to the Editor, the role of a Deputy Editor is important as a sounding board for the Editor-in-Chief in addition to the absolutely invaluable support of the Chair of the Publications Committee on various matters.

    Proposed Business Plan and Editors for Clinical Handbook
    ASBMR Primer Editor Cliff Rosen joined the meeting by teleconference and presented an overview of a concept for a Clinical Handbook on bone and mineral that is evidenced-based.

    Ms. Elderkin commented that the Executive Committee raised questions regarding the content and concept of the handbook and is recommending that Council consider the feasibility of preparing a clinical handbook.

    A motion was made and seconded to further explore the financial feasibility of developing a clinical handbook to be presented at the February 2008 Council Meeting. The motion passed.

    Incoming JBMR Editor-in-Chief Thomas L. Clemens presented his list of proposed JBMR Senior Associate and Associate Editors. He proposed:

    • A reorganization of the existing structure of the masthead in order to be more proactive in soliciting both clinical and basic papers.
    • The appointment of a second tier of editorial responsibility comprising two Senior Associate Editors. These scientists will work closely with the Associate Editors on the initial assignments of manuscripts and also solicit manuscripts for publication.

    A motion was made and seconded to approve the reorganization of the JBMR Editorial Structure to include two senior associate editors. The motion passed. [Councilor and JBMR Associate Editor Theresa Guise abstained from voting.]

    A motion was made and seconded to approve the proposed slate of nominees for two senior associate and nine associate editors, with annual stipends of $7,500 and $5,000, respectively. Dr. Guise abstained from voting.]

    ASBMR Endorsement of ISCD Official Position Statements
    ASBMR Associate Executive Director Douglas Fesler updated Council on the status of the International Society for Clinical Densitometry (ISCD) Official Position Statements. The statements have not been approved by the ISCD Board. The ASBMR Professional Practice Committee (PPC) is currently waiting to review the statements and provide recommendations to Council for possible endorsement.

    FASEB Update
    Dr. Goldring and Ms. Elderkin introduced the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) President Robert Pallazzo, Executive Director Guy Fogleman and Public Affairs Director Howard Garrison who joined Council during lunch and provided an overview of current and future FASEB initiatives.

    ASBMR Annual Meeting
    ASBMR Program Manager Rebecca Myers reported:

    • A program Day-At-A-Glance that fits in meeting delegates’ name badge will be available this year.
    • The CD Rom of the meeting abstracts is now available.
    • ASBMR offered a new service this year through Marathon Multimedia whereby poster presenters can design a professional poster and have it printed and shipped directly to the meeting.
    • A memo regarding the winners of big six awards will be announced at the meeting and in the on-site newsletter.
    • A schedule overview of activities for councilors was distributed to Council in advance of the Annual Meeting.

    ASBMR Senior Convention Manager Melissa Huston reported:

    • Exhibit sales are strong and have exceeded budget.
    • Attendees have reserved eighty-four percent of the room nights for which ASBMR contracted.
    • The total number of attendees pre-registered is 4,032.

    ASBMR Topical Meetings
    2007 Topical Meeting

    ASBMR Project Manager Gretchen Bretsch reported:

    • Planning continues for the December 6-7, 2007, topical meeting on Targeting Bone Remodeling for the Treatment of Osteoporosis.
    • The abstracts deadline is September 4th.

    2009 Topical Meeting

    Dr. Kream reported:

    • After much consideration, the Executive Committee found it prudent to move the topical meeting from fall 2008 to spring 2009.
    • The topic for the spring 2009 topical meeting is, “New Frontiers in Skeletal Research: Bone, Fat and Brain Connections” and was selected based suggestions and advice from the Executive Committee, Council, and Corporate Advisory Board.
    • ASBMR Past-President Clifford Rosen, M.D., will chair the Organizing Committee.

    Discussion noted:

    • Looking ahead to 2010, should ASBMR consider holding the Topical Meeting outside of North America, in Europe or Asia?
    • Such a move could draw scientists who wouldn’t traditionally have an opportunity to attend an ASBMR meeting and extend the reach of the organization.

    ASBMR CEA and Bridge Funding Award Programs
    ASBMR Senior Grants Administrator Earline Marshall reported:

    • Four 2007 Career Enhancement Award (CEA) winners were named. The next CEA deadline is February 29, 2008
    • The most recent Bridge Funding Grant Program deadline was in July. Ten applications were received and are currently in review. The next deadline cycle is November 30.

    Ann Elderkin thanked Earline Marshall for her hard work on the two aforementioned award programs, as well as with the corporate grants to which she has provided assistance since the departure of ASBMR Deputy Executive Director Karen Hasson.

    Consent Agenda

    A motion was made and seconded to approve the consent agenda. The motion passed.

    Discussion noted that, in preparation for the February 2008 Strategic Retreat, ASBMR leadership should review the contributions made by ASBMR’s standing committees and develop criteria to evaluate their activities.


    Dr. Goldring adjourned the meeting at 3:08 p.m.