• Advocacy Committee

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    This committee is charged with advocating on behalf of ASBMR members for research funding mechanisms, and researcher-friendly policies and procedures affecting research funding, in concert with staff and relevant coalitions and partners.

    • This committee should reconsider its strategy annually and focus on U.S. federal sources of research funding, particularly NIH.
    • This committee should focus its efforts on Capitol Hill in terms of providing testimony and educational material, and at federal research funding institutions in terms of suggesting scientific direction for new grants and funding mechanisms.
    • This committee should strive for close relationships with the NIH Institute directors and staff, with ASBMR committee members/ad hoc members serving as liaisons.
    • This committee should strive for a good understanding of: where and how ASBMR members' research is being funded and what appropriate grants are available and what types of mechanisms of grants exist.
    • This committee should help review/transmit this information regularly to the membership to continue ASBMR's role as the premier resource for grant information in bone and mineral science.
    • This committee should serve as a resource for international members in providing guidance about the advocacy process.

    Committee Members
    Mark Johnson, Chairperson
    Neil Binkley
    Mary Bouxsein
    Qian Chen
    Renny Franceschi
    Michael Hadjiargyrou
    Joan Lappe
    Elizabeth Shane, Ex Officio
    Douglas Fesler, Staff Liaison