• NIH Resources for District/State Visits and Town Halls

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    NIH Logo.jpg NIH Funding for Research

    NIH-funded Scientific/Medical research plays an integral role in the creation of opportunities for scientific and health advances as well as serves as an important economic driver in communities across the nation. Contact your Representative today and urge them to support increased funding for bone-related research. 

    NIH Advocacy Resources

    NIH Fact Sheet (updated August 2011)

    NIH Talking Points - Ad Hoc Group for Medical Research Talking Points 

    Group Letter – Aug. 9 letter from 212 organizations and institutions urging House appropriators to recognize NIH as a priority in FY 2012

    Ad Hoc Group Petition on NIH - Petition urges Congress and the Administration not to cut life-saving funding for NIH and signed by nearly 20,000 individuals and counting.

    Your Federal Taxpayer Receipt – Calculate how much of your tax dollars supports various federal functions, including health research (1.5 percent for NIH, FDA, and other health research and food safety activities).

    NIH Funding in Your District - Determine how much NIH funding your state and congressional district received in FY 2010.  

    The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) has collected, analyzed, and published resources in an effort to inform the policy development process. As a member of FASEB, ASBMR is able to provide this information to our members. The compilation of data on research funding at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) illustrates the need for increased support from the broader research community. The publications below are updated annually.

    News Release: Investing in Biomedical Research: Highlighting the Need for Sustained Funding in FY2011

    NIH Databook