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    As a member, you have free access to the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research via its iPhone and iPad apps. From the apps, you can access JBMR® content from your home, office, or on the go. Go to the iTunes library to learn more about the apps' features and see sample pages. To register your account and device (whether you are using an iPhone or iPad), follow the instructions below.


    If you are a new Wiley Online Library user, follow these simple steps to register and affiliate with this content. If you have already registered on this site, please skip to Step B to affiliate.

    Step A. Register

    1. Go to the Wiley Online Library homepage.
    2. Click on “Not Registered?” at the top right-hand part of the page.
    3. Fill in the Registration form and submit.
    4. You will immediately receive an email that requires you to click on a link and validate the information you provided during your registration. Please do so within 24 hours to avoid the need to re-register.
    5. Once you have registered, log in and follow the instructions in Step B below to affiliate your journal with your account.

    Step B. Affiliate

    6. Go to the Wiley Online Library Member Registration homepage.
    7. Enter your registered email address and password.
    8. Enter your Membership Number: None (the word “none” must be keyed in)
    9. Enter your Access Code: MBR63857
    10. Submit.

    Step C. Download the App

    Follow this link to visit the iTunes store and download the app.

    Step D. Login

    Login with your Wiley Online Library account information.

    Registration and affiliation is a one-time process. Once you have affiliated, you will not need to use your Membership Number and Access Code again.

    Access to this online journal is for personal use only and your password should be kept confidential.

    If you have any questions or problems, please contact Journal Membership Services.