• Women in Bone and Mineral Research Committee

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    This committee is charged with mentoring women in the Society with respect to career advancement, academic promotions, combining a career with family, etc.

    • This committee should nominate women as speakers, for awards, as chairs of sessions, for the elected positions of ASBMR, for editorial boards, NIH study sections, reviewing manuscripts, etc.
    • This committee should organize an informational/social function at the ASBMR annual meeting with an invited speaker who will lead discussion on current issues regarding the career advancement of women.
    • This committee should develop and maintain a web page linked to the ASBMR website that serves as a resource for information related to women’s careers in biomedical science.
    • This committee should monitor the success of the committee by measuring the: a) participation of women in ASBMR symposia and committees, b) number of committee nominees who receive awards or are speakers or are on the Society ballot, c) attendance at the informational/social function, and d) use of the web page.

    Committee Members
    Janine A Danks, Chairperson
    Claire Edwards
    Rachelle S Galvin
    Mimi Hu
    Michaela Kneissel
    Phoebe S Leboy
    Nicola C Partridge
    Andre van Wijnen
    Earline Marshall, Staff Liaison