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    This two-day meeting will draw together leading muscle and bone researchers nationally and internationally to exchange ideas and to develop new collaborations in this growing area of musculoskeletal research. Annual health care costs for musculoskeletal disease are in the billions. More than half of all injuries occurring each year are to the musculoskeletal system resulting in significant loss of work and school days. Although it is well recognized that muscle and bones are responsive to exercise, little is known regarding cellular and molecular interactions between these two tissues. 

    The program objectives of this meeting include:

    • Understanding the close association between muscle and bone during development and growth and how nutrition and physical activity affects general health.
    • Dissecting the role of aging in the association between sarcopenia and osteoporosis.
    • Identifying molecular and cellular mechanisms responsible for the close association between muscle and bone.
    • Defining defective mechanotransduction in both muscle and bone.
    • Determining if muscle communicates with bone independent of mechanical loading.
    • Identifying joint approaches to prevent, treat, and reverse or regenerate muscle and bone loss.
    • Assessing the feasibility of establishing a combined research field that integrates both muscle and bone physiology.
    The ultimate goal is to generate a better understanding of how these two tissues integrate and crosstalk in both health and disease. The goal and hope is that this meeting will trigger new therapeutic strategies to enhance and maintain musculoskeletal health.