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    The ASBMR inaugurated its job placement service at the 1993 Annual Meeting in Tampa, Florida, USA to facilitate matching qualified employees with appropriate professional positions.

    The ASBMR Job Placement Service offers the following:

    For Job Candidates

    • Year-round access to the ASBMR on-line job placement database
    • Selection of job openings in academia, industry, government, and private practice
    • Opportunity to showcase your skills and expertise
    • Networking and interviewing potential at the ASBMR Annual Meeting
    For Employers
    • Opportunity to post unlimited on-line job announcements for one year
    • Ability to review candidates' CVs on-line
    • Access to a pool of qualified applicants
    • On-site recruiting opportunities at the ASBMR Annual Meeting with access to private interviewing facilities
    • Display unlimited job announcements to approximately 5,000 attendees at the Annual Meeting
    • Year-round access to the ASBMR on-line job placement database and updates as new candidates register with the service

    Registration Fees

    Employer Fees:
    Commercial Employer: $400
    Non-profit Employer: $150

    Candidate profiles and job announcements will be included in the placement service database for a period of one year unless withdrawal is requested in writing at an earlier date.