• JBMR Volume 27, Issue 1 Video

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    ASBMR is pleased to present JBMR® Video Abstracts, author-created video summaries of recently published articles.

    January 2012
    JBMR® Volume 27, Issue 1


    Video abstract created by author Laurie K. McCauley on her recently published JBMR® paper "Proteoglycan 4: A dynamic regulator of skeletogenesis and parathyroid hormone skeletal anabolism,”

    Authors: Chad M Novince, Megan N Michalski, Amy J Koh, Benjamin P Sinder, Payam Entezami, Matthew R Eber, Glenda J Pettway, Thomas J Rosol, Thomas J Wronski, Ken M Kozloff, & Laurie K McCauley. 

    Read the paper here.