• February 9, 2007

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    ASBMR Winter Council Meeting Minutes

    February 9, 2007
    Washington, DC, USA

     Call to Order and Introductions

    At 8:30 a.m., ASBMR President Steven Goldring welcomed participants, announced a quorum, and reviewed ASBMR’s confidentiality statement. Dr. Goldring reiterated the need for Councilors to review the disclosure spreadsheet and recognize when they are in conflict during the meeting and recuse themselves as necessary.

    Approval of Council Minutes
    A motion was made to approve the September 14, 2006, Council Minutes. The motion passed.

    President’s Report
    Dr. Goldring summarized some of ASBMR’s recent accomplishments. These include:

    • The 2006 topical meeting on Contemporary Diagnosis and Treatment of Vitamin D-Related Disorders, December 4-5, 2006, Arlington, Virginia, USA, was well-received.
    • Planning has begun for the 2007 topical meeting on Targeting Bone Remodeling for the Treatment of Osteoporosis, December 6-7-, 2007, USA, and an Organizing Committee has been constituted.
    • The 29th Annual Meeting Program is almost finalized and looks to be an exciting program.
    • ASBMR awarded four Bridge-funding awards in 2006 with the next cycle already in process.
    • The search for a new Director of Publications is underway and interviews have started.
    • The ONJ Task Force Report should be submitted to the JBMR by late winter.
    • Recommendations from the Organizational Management Assessment report were discussed during the Strategic Planning Retreat.

    President-Elect’s Report
    ASBMR President-Elect Barbara Kream presented highlights from her report:

    • She named her co-chairs for the 30th Annual Meeting: Philip Osdoby will serve as the basic science co-chair, and Raj Thakker will serve as clinical science co-chair.
    • She has begun considering possible topics for the 2008 Topical Meeting and encouraged all Councilors to let her know any ideas they may have.  

    Executive Director’s Report
    ASBMR Executive Director Ann Elderkin reported:

    • A new e-newsletter will soon be launched geared toward our industry supporters.
    • Monthly management reports are ongoing and have received positive feedback from Council.

    Management Committee Report
    ASBMR Past-President Elizabeth Shane presented an overview of the Organizational Management Assessment Report prepared by Catalyst Group of Alexandria ( Virginia).

    Secretary-Treasurer’s Report
    ASBMR Secretary-Treasurer Keith Hruska presented an overview of the 2006 year end estimated results (un-audited expenses and revenue) and the 2007 budget operations and non-operations. He noted that most of the 2006 expenses and revenue are accounted for.

    ASBMR Deputy Director Karen Hasson reported that corporate support is moving along and staff continues to be proactive in seeking new supporters and support activities.

    UBS Financial Services advisor Christopher Jackson reported on ASBMR investments as of January 31, 2007.

    Following the discussion on ASBMR’s finances, ASBMR staff will:

    • Research the feasibility of changing ASBMR’s fiscal year and its implications.
    • Prepare a list of current revenue-generating and non-revenue-generating programs for Council review.
    • Draft options for consideration for a revised reserves policy
    • Work with Chris Jackson at UBS to review allocation options/risk management advice, etc., regarding reserves, and draft revisions to ASBMR’s investment policy to reflect any changes in allocation, investment, or withdrawal policies to support new or current programs or to help with operations if needed.

    The Finance Committee will review draft policies prior to the June 2007 Council Meeting.

    A motion was made and seconded to approve the 2007 ASBMR Annual Budget. The motion passed.

    ASBMR Annual Meetings
    ASBMR Program Manager Rebecca Myers reported on the progress made to date on the 29th ASBMR Annual Meeting:

    • All of the invited speakers and working groups have been confirmed. The meet-the-professor sessions and Industry-Supported Symposia are nearly final.
    • Abstract categories have been expanded and reorganized for clarity.

    ASBMR Senior Convention Manager Melissa Huston reported that, of the 552 people who have taken advantage of the early registration discounts for the 29th Annual Meeting, 13 percent are first-time registrants.

    Following the discussion about potential meeting sites for the 2015 ASBMR Annual Meeting, ASBMR staff will request proposals from Seattle, WA, San Francisco, CA, Philadelphia, PA, and Atlanta, GA, for Council consideration in June 2007.

    Topical Meetings
    This topic was covered under the President’s Report.

    Journal of Bone and Mineral Research (JBMR)
    JBMR Editor-in-Chief John Eisman joined the meeting by telephone and presented an overview of his report submitted to Council.

    ASBMR Interim Director of Publications and Managing Editor David Allen reported:

    • Senior Publications Assistant Matt Kilby and Publications Assistant Jennifer Griffin have assumed a larger role in the publications office with the departure of Adrienne Lea.
    • Candidates for the Editor-in-Chief position have been identified, with interviews scheduled for June. The Search Committee’s recommendation will be presented at the August Council Meeting and the next Editor will be announced at the 29th Annual Meeting.
    • Primer Editor Cliff Rosen has identified his Associate Editors, and planning for the 7th Edition is well underway.

    Task Force on Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (ONJ)
    Dr. Shane reported that the Task Force Report will be completed in late winter 2007 and will be submitted to the JBMR for publication.  

    ASBMR Representatives to AAMC Council of Academic Societies
    The Council discussed recommendations from former ASBMR representative to AAMC CAS Dan Bikle regarding why ASBMR should continue its membership in AAMC.

    After discussion, Council requested that ASBMR staff contact Dan Bikle again for more information about the benefits of membership in AAMC to ASBMR and whether presenting ASBMR issues at AAMC meetings would have an impact on ASBMR members.

    A motion was made and seconded to have the Executive Committee decide whether ASBMR should continue its membership in AAMC CAS based on information obtained from Dr. Bikle and the ASBMR Council minutes. The motion passed.

    National Coalition for Osteoporosis and Bone Related Disease

    2007 Strategic Plan
    Ms. Elderkin reported on upcoming activities of the Bone Coalition which include:

    • A February 15 meeting with the Program Director of Health Science Policy in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense Salvatore M. Cirone, D.V.M. to request assistance in moving the Department of Defense (DOD) Bone Health Program from a Congressional special interest program to a research priority within the DOD budget cycle with a recurring line item.
    • Developing a list of bone research funding questions to present to the Secretary of Health and Human Services and the Director of the National Institutes for Health at a Congressional Appropriations Committee hearing in the spring and seeking an opportunity to have a hearing held by the Senate Subcommittee on Aging on the status of actions called for in the Surgeon General’s Report on Bone Health and Osteoporosis.
    • Determining the feasibility of organizing a summit for 2008 to develop a national action plan for bone and mineral research.

    At the request of Council, ASBMR staff will invite Advocacy Committee Chair Lynda Bonewald and Bone Coalition lobbyists Nicholas Cavarocchi and Joyce Briscoe to the June 2007 Council Meeting to present the Coalition’s strategies for advocating for more NIH research funding for bone, including the feasibility of a Bone Summit to meet the objectives laid out in the 2004 U.S. Surgeon’s General Report on Bone Health and Osteoporosis.

    Consent Agenda

    A motion was made to approve the Consent agenda. The motion passed.

    Awards Committee Reports
    Discussion regarding the Career Enhancement Awards (CEA) Program noted that the criteria for CEA awards is narrowly focused and should be changed to give young investigators more access to the award and provide preliminary funding for RO1 research grants, K awards, and research for preliminary data for new grants.

    At the request of Council, ASBMR staff will assist the appropriate committees to evaluate the CEA and Bridge Funding Research Grant Programs.

    New Business/Updates

    Societa Italiana dell’Osteoporosi del Metabolismo Minerale e dell Malattie dello Scheletro (SIOMMMS) Annual Meeting Session Co-sponsor Request

    Council discussed SIOMMMS invitation to ASBMR to co-sponsor a session during the SIOMMMS Annual Meeting in Florence, Italy, November 14-18, 2007.

    A motion was made and seconded to approve the concept of an ASBMR-SIOMMMS joint session at the SIOMMMS Annual Meeting in Florence, Italy, November 14-18, 2007. The motion passed.

     ASBMR staff will follow up with SIOMMMS regarding the suggested topic for the joint session. Staff will also ask the Executive Committee for a recommendation of a member to be invited to serve on the program planning committee as the ASBMR representative.

    Osteoimmunology Meeting Support Request for 2008
    ASBMR Councilor Mark Horowitz reported that the 2008 Osteoimmunology MeetingOrganizing Committee is requesting that ASBMR provide $20,000 in support of travel awards for young investigators to attend the 2008 Osteoimmunology Meeting in Rhodes, Greece.

    Council decided to table the discussion of this request until June 2007 when more time could be devoted to discuss the overall issue of affiliated meeting support.

    ASBMR staff will obtain more information about the 2008 Osteoimmunology Meeting for the Executive Committee’s review and recommendation to Council at its June 2007 meeting.

    ASBMR Nominations Application Process
    ASBMR Councilor Janet Rubin recommended that the nominations application process be simplified for those members who wish to nominate another member, for those members who wish to nominate themselves, and for the members and Councilors on the Nominating Committee charged with reviewing the applications.

    The Council asked the ASBMR staff, with input from the Nominating Committee Chair to streamline the current ASBMR nomination application process.


    Dr. Goldring adjourned the meeting at 4:00 p.m.