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    ASBMR is pleased to introduce the new ASBMR Fund for Research and Education. Funding cutbacks have left our community with a tremendous need than for alternative sources to fund cutting-edge research. Without it, many important discoveries will be delayed and progress will be deferred in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis and related bone, mineral and musculoskeletal disorders.  The ASBMR Fund for Research and Education will be supported by individual donations. The Fund will be used exclusively to provide research grants and training opportunities for basic and clinical researchers in the bone, mineral and musculoskeletal field.

    The ASBMR Fund for Research and Education gives you the opportunity to provide general funds for new Research Grants and Training, or to target your donation to support Travel Fellowships, Honor Your Mentor Awards, Pilot Projects for Fellows and honorary or memorial gifts. Our research community needs your support; 100% of your gift will be used support research and the development of the next generation of researchers in our field.