• ASBMR Council

    The Council (also referred to as Board of Directors) consists of thirteen persons elected by the membership: nine Councilors and the President, the Past-President, the President-Elect, and the Secretary-Treasurer. The JBMR® and JMBR Plus Editors-in-Chief  also sit on Council as an ex-officio non-voting members during his or her five year term.

    The Council meets three times a year. The regular annual meeting of the Council is held immediately preceding and in the same location as the annual scientific meeting. An Interim Council Meeting is typically held twice a year in late winter and early summer.

    ASBMR Executive Committee

    President Jane Cauley, DrPh University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, USA
    President-Elect Michael Econs, M.D. Indiana University School of Medicine, USA
    Past-President Douglas P. Kiel, M.D., M.P.H. Harvard Medical School and Hebrew SeniorLife, USA
    Secretary-Treasurer Thomas L. Clemens, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University, USA

    ASBMR Council

    Bo Abrahamsen, M.D., Ph.D. University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
    Mary Bouxsein, Ph.D. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, USA
    Laura Calvi, M.D. University of Rochester School of Medicine, USA
    Lorenz Hofbauer, M.D. TU Dresden University Medical Center, Germany
    Suzanne Jan De Beur, M.D. Johns Hopkins University, USA
    Stavroula Kousteni, Ph.D. Columbia University Medical Center, USA
    Ernestina Schipani, M.D., Ph.D. University of Michigan, USA
    Johannes Van Leeuwen, Ph.D. Erasmus University Medical Center, The Netherlands
    Andre J. Van Wijnen, Ph.D. Mayo Clinic, USA
    Juliet Compston, M.D., FRCP, Ex-Officio University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine, United Kingdom
    Peter Ebeling, AO, M.D., FRACP, Ex-Officio Monash University, School of Clinical Sciences, Australia

    See a list of Past Officers of the Council