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    Nominating Committee

    This committee, appointed annually, is responsible for recommending a slate of nominees for Council, President-elect, and Secretary-Treasurer (in appropriate years) for membership vote, according to ASBMR policies and procedures.

    • This committee is charged with making recommendations to Council for Officer, Councilor and committee chair and members.  
    • This committee is charged with reviewing all nominations and self-nominations and scoring them, as well as seeking additional nominations when needed, before making its recommendations to Council.
    • This committee follows the policies, procedures and timelines regarding candidate recommendation in terms of gender, geographic origin, degree, research area/practice environment, etc.

    Committee Members

    Jane A. Cauley, DrPH , Chair
    Eric Hesse, M.D.
    Stavroula Kousteni, Ph.D.
    Nicola Napoli, M.D.
    Ernestina Schipani, M.D., Ph.D.
    Andre van Wijnen, Ph.D.

    Ann L. Elderkin, Staff Liaison
    Lauren Taggart, Staff Liaison