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    Deadline: September 16, 2016

    2016 Million Dollar Bike Ride Grant for Fibrous Dysplasia/McCune Albright Syndrome Research

    Penn Med Orphan Disease Center

    One $74,000 grant available. FD/MAS is a rare disease caused by somatic mutations in GNAS. The mutation results in constitutive activation of the signaling protein, Gs alpha, and downstream cAMP signaling. Skeletal manifestations include bone pain, fractures, and osteomalacia/rickets. Extraskeletal manifestations include precocious puberty, hyperthyroidism, growth hormone excess, pancreatic neoplasms, and others. The grant will be awarded to initiate or advance research and understanding of any of the manifestations of the disease or its underlying pathophysiology. The research could involve understanding the mechanism and/or treatment of FD-related bone pain, developing animal models of any aspect of the disease, or performing clinical investigative studies addressing any of the unmet needs in FD/MAS patients and their management. These grants are made possible by Team FD and the Fibrous Dysplasia Foundation.