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    The ADP receptor P2RY12 regulates osteoclast function and pathologic bone remodeling.

    The authors examined the role of purinergic receptor P2Y, G protein coupled, (12P2RY12) in osteoclast (OC) function. Mice lacking P2ry12 had decreased OC activity and were partially protected from age-associated bone loss. P2ry12–/– OCs exhibited intact differentiation markers, but diminished resorptive function. In addition, P2ry12–/– mice were partially protected from pathologic bone loss associated with serum transfer arthritis, tumor growth in bone, and ovariectomy-induced osteoporosis: all conditions associated with increased extracellular ADP.


    Su X, Floyd DH, Hughes A, Xiang J, Schneider JG, Uluckan O, et al