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    Conditional inactivation of CXCR4 in osteoprecursors reduces postnatal bone formation due to impaired osteoblast development.

    These authors demonstrate that deletion of CXCR4 in osteoprecursor cells using a osterix-Cre mouse crossed with a CXCR4 floxed mouse (Osx::CXCR4fl/fl mice) produced a mouse with a phenotype of reduced bone mass and decreased mineral apposition rate. Primary cultures for osteoblastic cells derived from Osx::CXCR4fl/fl mice showed decreased proliferation and impaired osteoblast differentiation in response to BMP2 or BMP6. These findings provide evidence that CXCR4, which is the primary receptor for stromal derived factor-1 (SDF-1), functions in postnatal bone development to regulate osteoblast development in cooperation with BMP signaling.


    Zhu W, Liang G, Huang Z, Doty SB, Boskey AL.