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    A soluble bone morphogenetic protein type IA receptor increases bone mass and bone strength

    The aim of this study was to determine the skeletal effects of systemic administration of a soluble bone morphogenetic protein type1A receptor fusion protein (mBMPR1A-mFc) in vivo.  mBMPR1A-mFc was found to bind BMP2/4 specifically and with high affinity and prevent downstream signaling. mBMPR1A-mFc treatment of immature and mature mice increased bone mineral density, cortical thickness, trabecular bone volume, thickness and number, and decreased trabecular separation.  Histologically, mBMPR1A-mFc was found to increase osteoblastic bone formation and decreases bone resorption, producing an increase in bone mass.


    Baud'huin M, Solban N, Cornwall-Brady M, Sako D, Kawamoto Y, Liharska K, et al