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    ASBMR Announces 2014 Leadership Candidates and Committee Appointees

    Date: July 02, 2014

    ASBMR is pleased to announce the candidates for the 2014 ballot election and committee appointees.  President-Elect and Councilor candidates will be placed on a ballot for membership vote in late June. Those elected to Officer and Councilor positions and committee appointees will begin their terms immediately following the ASBMR 2014 Annual Meeting. 

    President –Elect

    • Andrew Arnold, M.D., University of Connecticut Health Center (USA)
    • Douglas Kiel, M.D., M.P.H., Harvard University Medical School and Hebrew SeniorLife (USA)


    • Bo Abrahamsen, M.D., Ph.D., University of Southern Denmark (Denmark)
    • Laura Calvi, M.D., University of Rochester School of Medicine (USA)
    • Janine Danks, BSc, MSc, Ph.D., University of Medical Sciences, RMIT University (Australia) 
    • Christopher Kovacs, M.D., Memorial University of Newfoundland (Canada) 
    • Andre Van Wijnen, Ph.D., Mayo Clinic (USA)
    • Bart Williams, Ph.D., Van Andel Research Institute (USA)

    Advocacy and Science Policy Committee

    • Jane Cauley, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health (USA)
    • Kurt Hankenson, D.V.M., Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania (USA)
    • Alesha Castillo, Ph.D., VA Palo Alto Health Care System (USA) Ad hoc

    Ethics Advisory Committee

    • Chair: Michael Econs, M.D., Indiana University School of Medicine (USA) to extend term for one year
    • Belinda Beck, Ph.D., Griffith University (Australia)
    • Peter Schwarz, M.D., Ph.D., Glostrup Hospital (Denmark)
    • Chunyi Wen, Ph.D., The University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong) Ad hoc

    Finance Committee

    • John Bilezikian, M.D., Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons (USA)

    Membership Engagement and Education Committee

    • Nicola Napoli, M.D., University Campus Biomedico (Italy) Ad hoc
    • Nicole Walsh, Ph.D., St. Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research (Australia) Ad hoc

    Professional Practice  Committee

    • Chair: Suzanne Jan De Beur, M.D., Johns Hopkins University (USA) to extend term for one year 
    • Doug Bauer, M.D., University of California, San Francisco (USA)
    • Nuria Guanabens, M.D., Universitat De Barcelona (Spain)
    • Erik Imel, M.D., Indiana University School of Medicine (USA) Ad hoc

    Publications  Committee

    • Sarah Dallas, Ph.D., University of Missouri – Kansas City (USA) 
    • Michael Mannstadt, M.D., Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School (USA) Ad hoc

    Women in Bone and Mineral Research Committee

    • Marja Marie Hurley, M.D., University of Connecticut (USA)
    • Julie Pasco, Ph.D., Deakin University (Australia)
    • Anna Teti, Ph.D., University of L’Aquila (Italy)
    • Patricia Juarez Camacho, Ph.D., M.S., Indiana University (USA) Ad hoc