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    Congratulations to the 2017 Rising Star Award Recipients!

    Date: August 03, 2017


    The Society is pleased to announce the six recipients of the 2017 ASBMR Rising Star Awards.  This award provides funding to promising young scientists and physician-scientists in the bone field who have already been recognized by individual NIH “K awards” and other similar international professional development programs. 

    Awardees pictured top left to bottom right: Marc Wein, M.D., Ph.D., Saravana Ramasamy, Ph.D.,
    David Scott, Ph.D., Jonathan Mitchell, Ph.D., Brya Matthews, Ph.D., and Kathleen Hill-Gallant Ph.D.


    The following applicants and projects were selected as the award recipients:

    • Brya Matthews, Ph.D., University of Auckland, “Novel Osteoprogenitor Cell Populations Involved in Bone Healing” (Sir Charles Hercus Health Research Fellowship, New Zealand)
    • David Scott, Ph.D., Monash University, “Reducing Risk Factors for Falls and Fracture in Obese Older Australians” (Career Development Fellowship (R.D. Wright Biomedical CDF Level 1), Australia)
    • Saravana Ramasamy, Ph.D., Imperial College London, ”Aetiology and consequences of vascular ageing in the skeletal system” (Sir Henry Dale Fellowship, United Kingdom)
    • Marc Wein, M.D., D., Massachusetts General Hospital, “Dissecting the roles of class IIa HDACs in osteocyte biology” (K08 grant, U.S.A.)
    • Kathleen Hill-Gallant, Ph.D., Purdue University, “Phosphorus Absorption and Balance in Normal Physiology and Chronic Kidney Disease” (K01 grant, U.S.A.)
    • Jonathan Mitchell, Ph.D., Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, “Sleep, Energetic Behaviors, and Adolescent Obesity during the Transition from Middle to High School” (K01 grant, U.S.A.)