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    Nominating Committee

    This committee, appointed annually, is responsible for recommending a slate of nominees for Council, President-elect, and Secretary-Treasurer (in appropriate years) for membership vote, according to ASBMR policies and procedures.

    • This committee is charged with making recommendations to Council for Officer, Councilor and committee chair and members.  
    • This committee is charged with reviewing all nominations and self-nominations and scoring them, as well as seeking additional nominations when needed, before making its recommendations to Council.
    • This committee follows the policies, procedures and timelines regarding candidate recommendation in terms of gender, geographic origin, degree, research area/practice environment, etc.

    Committee Members

    Michael J. Econs, M.D., Chair
    Marie Demay, M.D.
    Roberta Faccio, Ph.D.
    Christopher Hernandez, Ph.D.
    Lorenz Hofbauer, M.D.
    Stuart Ralston, M.D.

    Lauren Taggart, Staff Liaison
    Ann L. Elderkin, P.A., Staff Liaison

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