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    It’s Peer Review Week!

    Date: September 13, 2018

    We’re celebrating #PeerReviewWeek18 this week and honoring all of the reviewers who contribute to the success of ASBMR journals.

    • Get Credit for Those Reviews!
      We are partnered with Publons, a service that helps you to record, verify, and showcase your peer review contributions to JBMR® and JBMR® Plus. This is a great way to keep your reviewer activity collected, verified, and ready for use in promotion applications and on your CV. Read more about this great reviewer tool here!
    • New Guidance for New Reviewers!
      In addition to our June webinar on “Journal Peer Review: Tips for Writing an Effective Evaluation” (access the recording here), we have added some new information and advice for our journal reviewers, and those who might be interested in sharpening their reviewing skills, to our ASBMR website. Check out the new guidance on the process of reviewing, what reviewers should look for and expect, and how to watch out for possible ethical issues. Reviewers can also check out these resources at Wiley for more information and guidance. 

    • Interested in reviewing?
      New reviewers are always welcome - email your CV to jbmroffice@wiley.com at any time.

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