• Letter from ASBMR President Suzanne Jan De Beur, M.D.

    October 1, 2020

    Dear Colleagues: 

    I am deeply honored to be entrusted by the membership to serve as President of the ASBMR, my scientific home. When we last met face-to-face just about a year ago in Orlando, FL, USA, I could have not anticipated the profound changes and challenges we have had to face over the last several months. In contrast to the pervasive uncertainty that prevails, I am certain that ASBMR is seizing this moment to transform our society to be more global, connected, innovative and inclusive

    Despite the challenges faced, I remain impressed with the creativity, vigor and care of stewardship taken to protect the ASBMR’s well-being and resources. The leadership has been effective and inspiring, and communication with the membership has been constant, clear and timely. The financial impact of the pandemic is being closely monitored and managed. ASBMR committees are seizing this opportunity to be leaders in the clinical care of patients with osteoporosis; in providing a musculoskeletal clinical perspective to emerging research about COVID; in forming and leading coalitions of societies to amplify our messages; in nimbly developing and delivering innovative virtual programing for this year and the future; and in embracing technology to connect members from around the world.

    This year as a Society our blind spots have been exposed with respect to diversity and inclusion. Fortunately, the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee was already established as a free standing committee and had begun its critical work to help address these issues. The racial inequities we have witnessed in the US sparked frank and formative conversations among members led by the DEI Committee. ASBMR recently implemented a Diversity and Inclusion Statement of Principles, which you can read on the ASBMR website. We are also in the process of creating a Code of Conduct for all members, among several other initiatives led by the DEI Committee to come soon. 

    Moving forward into 2021, I am focusing on ideas for new initiatives and supporting established programs that will grow ASBMR’s scientific impact, attract and retain investigators from around the world to the ASBMR, develop a clinical research agenda to close the osteoporosis treatment gap and ensure the financial soundness of the society. We can accomplish this by seizing this unique opportunity to innovate in both our Annual Meeting and year-round educational offerings, by using technology to make us one global ASBMR with wider access and greater inclusiveness, and by showcasing our expertise in clinical care of musculoskeletal disorders.    

    With the success of the 2020 Annual Meeting- Virtual Event right behind us, the Program Committee for the 2021 Annual Meeting has already begun using their creativity, energy and imagination to plan the 2021 Annual Meeting in Toronto. Benjamin Leder, M.D. is Program Committee Chair, Christopher Hernandez, Ph.D. is the Basic Science Co-Chair, Laura Calvi, M.D. is the Translational Science Co-Chair, and Nicholas Harvey, MB, BChir, Ph.D. is the Clinical Science Co-Chair. These diverse and exceptional individuals are dedicated to crafting an exciting, robust and cutting-edge program for the ASBMR Annual Meeting in Toronto, Canada taking place October 1-4, 2021. Complementary to the Annual Program Committee, the Annual Meeting Innovation Committee chaired by Michael Mannstadt, M.D., is reimagining our Annual Meeting and seizing the opportunity to attend and explore an array of virtual meetings to glean and adapt the best ideas and practices for the ASBMR.  
    I am unimaginably proud to be a leader in this Society and will work to my utmost ability to continue the legacy of success of past leaders and continue to catalyze the tremendous growth we have experienced together over the last year. I am eager to hear ideas from the ASBMR leadership and membership about how we can move ASBMR forward to a place of even more preeminence in our field and thrive in these challenging times. I enthusiastically look forward to working with our members and volunteer leaders to ensure our Society is vibrant, growing, inclusive, and focused on advancing bone, mineral and musculoskeletal science worldwide and promoting the translation of basic and clinical research to improve human health.

    Suzanne Jan de Beur, MD
    ASBMR President 

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