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  • Message from ASBMR President
    Peter Ebeling, AO, FRACP, MBBS, MD – June 30, 2022


    Dear Colleagues:

    In response to last week’s U.S. Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the Society has issued a statement strongly opposing any effort to prohibit the delivery of appropriate, evidence-based patient care. The complete statement is available on the ASBMR website.

    The Supreme Court’s ruling will result in differences amongst U.S. states over access to reproductive health services – some being significantly different. It will also make many of us reconsider our travel to certain U.S. states whose legislation does not align with our own values.

    In my April message, I touched upon the importance of representing our values as a Society and as you know, this is being tested with the location of this year’s Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas, USA. As I shared, it is an unfortunate situation that ASBMR Annual Meeting locations are selected 5-7 years in advance and cancelling our current contracts in Texas would result in very steep penalties that would significantly impact the Society financially.

    However, the Council remains committed to evaluating a potential host city/state’s alignment with our organizational values and mission. In fact, I still believe Austin fits this mold thanks in large part to the city’s vibrancy, its innovative nature, diversity initiatives and forward-thinking culture.

    I also believe that our mission—to advance bone, mineral and musculoskeletal science worldwide and promote the translation of basic and clinical research to improve human health— is a worthwhile endeavor even in the face of great societal adversity.

    During these times, I want to again stress the value we experience by coming together, in person, and how it makes a tangible difference in the lives of our members and communities around the world. Your science is our progress and it also ultimately results in transformative changes in clinical practice and health policy.

    I look forward to advancing the Society’s mission in the coming months, despite the rocky road ahead, and welcome your feedback as always.


    Peter Ebeling

    President, ASBMR

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