ASBMR President 2008-2009, Dr. Drezner

    Date: August 13, 2009

    Now more than ever, in these challenging times, it is important that we address the needs of ASBMR members. Many of you have expressed a desire for more opportunities to interact with colleagues and collaborators within the Society. To address this and to provide untold additional benefits, we have developed a new ASBMR website that will serve as a valuable platform to help bone scientists connect with each other and advance the field. Features of the new website include:

    • Single Sign-on and Password - Members can now seamlessly access the JBMR Online, ASBMR membership directory, ASBMR Annual Meeting abstracts manager, Primer Online, as well as purchase ASBMR products directly from asbmr.org.
    • Robust Networking Tools - The online membership directory will enable members to identify their specific research areas of focus using MeSH terminology. More importantly, this information is searchable by numerous criteria and by other members, allowing identification of science collaborators, availability of animal models, and identification of new assays members have developed. Complete member profiles include access to a complete listing of publications identified in PubMed.
    • New "In the Field" Section - Current literature in the field is highlighted from the entire spectrum of scientific journals. "In the Field" will also include viewpoints, commentary and open online discussions regarding relevant and timely scientific issues.
    • Exclusive Online Nominations - Members can now nominate individuals for ASBMR awards, grants and volunteer leadership positions online eliminating the paper-intensive process.
    • Enhanced Search Capabilities - The Google search application makes it easy to locate information on the website.

    We hope that the expanded features of the new ASBMR website will not only facilitate interaction among members world wide, but provide a forum where members can exchange and discuss information on relevant and timely scientific issues. We encourage your extensive use of the ASBMR website, and continue to rely on active and engaged members to...


    • Come to the ASBMR Annual Meeting. This is your meeting, where the best scientific research and clinical approaches to bone diseases are presented from all over the world. The networking opportunities alone are worth the price of admission and as an ASBMR member you receive a significant discount on the registration fee. I look forward to seeing you next month in Denver, Colorado, USA on September 11-15, 2009.
    • Submit your manuscripts to the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research (JBMR) for publication. The JBMR is the leading journal in our field and we encourage you to submit your articles detailing the best of your basic research, translational and clinical research to the JBMR.

    Nominate Your Esteemed Colleagues for Awards!

    • ASBMR is a democratic society, and in all our appointments and awards we strive to have a good balance of male/female, basic/clinical, MDs/PhDs, and U.S./International members. Yet, we receive very few nominations of members outside the United States or women, decreasing the likelihood that deserving members will be recognized. Although the deadline for award nominations this year has passed, it is not too early to start planning nominations for next year.

    Spread the word about ASBMR!

    • Is your colleague a member? Get the word out that ASBMR is the Society for bone and mineral researchers and clinicians around the world.
    • Encourage young investigators interested in the field to join and become active members.ASBMR has numerous programs geared toward them, including:
      • Mentor Matching Program
      • Job Placement Service
      • Grant and Award Programs
      • Young Investigator Subcommittee


    • Speak to your local representatives and educate them on bone health and related diseases, the impact that research has in your community, and the need for research funding. ASBMR collaborates with our partners in the Federation of American Societies in Experimental Biology (FASEB) and the National Coalition for Osteoporosis and Related Bone Disorders (Bone Coalition) to lobby the U.S. Congress for increased scientific research funding and to emphasize the importance of bone and mineral research, but your help is needed.
    • Advance our field by serving on an NIH grant review board. Grants designed to support bone and mineral research should be reviewed by experts in the field.

    As ASBMR leaders we work for you, but we can't do it without your participation.  I encourage each of you to not only be an active and engaged member of ASBMR, but to take full advantage of every one of the many benefits our Society affords you.


    Marc K. Drezner, M.D.
    ASBMR President

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