• Brendan Boyce, MB ChB

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    Brendan Boyce, MB ChB

    ASBMR committee/leadership positions held:

    2010-Pres - Member, Executive Committee

    2011-Pres - Secretary/Treasurer

    2011-Pres - Chair, Finance Committee

    2010-2011 - Member, Advocacy Science Policy Committee

    2003-2006 – Member, Education Committee

    Research Focus

    Osteoclast and osteoblast biology with focus on roles for NF-kB


    What brought you into the bone field and why have you stayed?

    As a junior faculty member in Pathology at the University of Glasgow in 1975, I was asked by my chairman if I would like to take an interest in metabolic bone disease. My response: “What is metabolic bone disease? Initially, I examined bone biopsy specimen slides from patients of Iain T. Boyle, an endocrinologist who had recently returned to the University after a sabbatical in Hector Deluca’s lab in Wisconsin, USA. Iain was charming and inspiring, and I joined his team, which later included Ignac Fogelman and Stuart Ralston who have both risen to the top of this field. I have stayed in the field because I invested a lot of time learning about it in the developmental stages of my career from leaders who were inspiring and great mentors and because success bred more interest and enthusiasm for what I was doing. Great mentors and collaborators are very important components of a successful and fulfilling career.


    What has been the most memorable moment of your career thus far?

    There have been lots, but what have been most memorable to me are the interactions with colleagues and the opportunity to socialize with them and develop life-long collaborations and friendships, especially at the ASBMR meetings. I can’t tell you how many intriguing and noteworthy conversations I’ve had in hallways, bars and restaurants during the annual meeting. Besides the great science, these are what make ASBMR meetings special.

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