• Andrea Del Fattore, Ph.D.

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    Andrea Del Fattore, Ph.D.

    Institution: Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital, Rome, Italy

    Career Stage: Postdoctoral Researcher

    Research Focus: Osteoclasts and bone diseases with a particular focus on the molecular and cellular analysis of osteopetrosis.

    ASBMR committee/leadership positions held: ASBMR Membership Engagement Committee member

    What brought you to the bone field and why have you stayed?

    I started when I was undergraduate student performing a clinical, molecular and cellular analysis of patients affected by autosomal dominant and recessive osteopetrosis. This led me to publish my first report in the Journal of Medical Genetics in 2006. The study of this rare disease and the amazing features of bone tissue made me want to continue my research and test new therapeutic approaches for osteopetrosis, as well as increase our knowledge of bone physiology.

    What has been your favorite ASBMR Annual Meeting moment?

    My favorite ASBMR Annual Meeting was the first meeting that I attended in 2006 in Philadelphia, PA, USA. I suddenly had the opportunity to know very brilliant scientists and to interact with them. Moreover, it was a great opportunity to meet young investigators coming from every part of the world, discuss our bone research and create an international network.

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