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    Publications Committee

    This committee is charged with oversight of the policies and procedure of all publications owned or sponsored by ASBMR, including the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, JBMR Plus, and the Primer.

    • Develop and revise policies and procedures for publications
    • Advise the Executive Committee, Council and staff about new opportunities to further the ASBMR mission, raise its profile, and contribute to the ASBMR's revenues through its publications.
    • Recommend appointments for ASBMR Primer, JBMR Plus, and JBMR® Editor-in-Chief
    • Approving appointments for Senior Associate Editors and Associate Editors.
    • Review and provide recommendations regarding new publications proposals and contracts.

    Committee Members

    Michael Mannstadt, M.D., Chairperson
    Yousef Abu-Amer, Ph.D.
    Murat Bastepe, M.D., Ph.D.
    Manju Chandran, M.D.
    Roman Eliseev, M.D., Ph.D.
    Dominique Heymann, Ph.D.
    Marja Hurley, M.D.
    Meryl LeBoff, M.D.
    David Monroe, Ph.D.
    Peter Ebeling, M.D., FRACP, Ex-Officio 
    Roberto Civitelli, M.D., Ex-Officio
    Ernestina Schipani, M.D., Ph.D., Council Liaison
    Katie Duffy, Staff Liaison 
    Ann Elderkin, P.A., Staff Liaison

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