• Mar 07, 2014 | Webinar

    Muscle and Bone Interactions

    Marco Brotto, Ph.D.
    Integrative Physiology of the Skeleton

    The topic of bone-muscle interactions has great significance to basic, clinical and translational scientists because of the implications in this emerging field of research. The concept that bone and muscle cells communicate at the biochemical and molecular level, in ways beyond and perhaps complementary to the ways dictated by mechanical interactions, is leading to new insights on how bone and muscles work. With life expectancy projected to surpass the centenary mark, the twin diseases osteoporosis-sarcopenia will further extend their dire consequences on public health and the economy. A broader comprehension of bone-muscle biochemical signaling could lead to previously unrealized therapies not only for these diseases, but also for many musculoskeletal diseases.

    As a result of this webinar, participants will be able to:

    • Develop a basic understanding for the concepts of bone-muscle interaction focusing on the mechanical (mechanostat) theory of bone-muscle crosstalk versus the biochemical concept of bone-muscle crosstalk
    • Gain additional insights into the implications of the biochemical communication from bone cells to muscle cells on basic, clinical and translational research
    • Recognize the possibility that these two theories (mechanical and biochemical) are not mutually exclusive and perhaps can be seen as complementary

    Length: 60 minutes

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