• Oct 09, 2017 | Webcast

    Multi-Scale Characterization on Bone Strength

    Matt Allen, Ph.D., Virginia Ferguson, Ph.D., Bjorn Busse, Ph.D., Lamya Karim, Ph.D., Bert van Rietbergen, Ph.D., Elise Morgan, Ph.D., Paul Kostenuik, Ph.D.
    Skeletal Physiology, Molecular Cellular and Genetic Determinants of Bone Structure and Formation, Integrative Physiology of the Skeleton


    Matt Allen, Ph.D., Indiana University School of Medicine, US  and Virginia Ferguson, Ph.D., University of Colorado, USA


    Multiscale Characterization of Human Bone: The Osteocyte Network

    Bjorn Busse, Ph.D., University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany


    Beyond Bone Mineral: Contributions of Collagen and Noncallagenous Proteins to Bone Strength

    Lamya Karim, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, USA


    Contribution of Cortical vs Trabecular Bone to Whole Bone Strength

    Bert van Rietbergen, Ph.D., Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands


    Mechanical Loading, Structural Heterogeneity and Bone Strength

    Elise Morgan, Ph.D., Boston University, USA


    Effect of Osteoporosis Therapies on Bone Mechanical Properties: Preclinical Studies

    Paul Kostenuik, Ph.D., Phylon Pharma Services, USA

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