• Oct 30, 2013 | Program

    Muscle and Bone Interactions

    Integrative Physiology of the Skeleton

    Given the importance of the emerging scientific interest in bone and skeletal muscle interactions, we are opening our Educational Resource Center by creating this program dedicated to examining the essential role of bone and skeletal muscle interactions. This program contains content from the newly published 8th edition of the ASBMR Primer on the Metabolic Bone Diseases and Disorders of Mineral Metabolism, webcasts from the ASBMR 2012 Topical Meeting on Bone and Skeletal Muscle Interactions and recently published articles in JBMR®.

    Learning Objectives

    Upon completion of the online program, the participant should be able to:

    1. Examine the close association between muscle and bone during development and growth.
    2. Identify molecular and cellular mechanisms responsible for the close association of muscle and bone in health and disease and with aging.
    3. Describe the association between sarcopenia and osteoporosis and determine the role aging plays in processes.
    4. Observe the role nutrition and physical activity play in muscle and bone interaction.
    5. Determine if muscle communicates with bone independent of mechanical loading.
    6. Define defective mechanotransduction in muscle and bone and identify the means to prevent, treat or reverse musculoskeletal disease and muscle and bone loss.

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