• Oct 09, 2017 | Webcast

    Basic Science Session: CRISPR-CAS9: Gene Editing and Beyond

    Martina Rauner, Charles O'Brien, Ph.D., Blake Wiedenheft, Ph.D., Le (Stanley) Qi, Ph.D., J Wesley Pike, Ph.D.
    Genetics of Bone, Molecular Cellular and Genetic Determinants of Bone Structure and Formation


    Martina Rauner, Medical Faculty of the TU Dresden, Germany

    Charles O'Brien, Ph.D., Central Arkansas VA Healthcare Syste, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, USA


    The CRISPR System: Where It Came From and How It Works
    Blake Wiedenheft, Ph.D., Montana State University, USA

    CRISPR-Mediated Control of Gene Repression and Activation
    Le (Stanley) Qi, Ph.D., Stanford Medicine, USA

    Rapid Analysis of Gene Enhancers Using CRISPR-Cas9
    J. Wesley Pike, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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