• Dec 05, 2019 | Webinar

    ASBMR Webinar: New Perspectives on Long-Term Treatment of Osteoporosis

    Robert Adler, MD, McGuire VA Medical Center, USA

    ASBMR has been addressing the crisis in osteoporosis treatment, focusing on the lack of treatment of the very high-risk patients who have already had a vertebral or hip fracture.  Another major problem of the field is that osteoporosis is not cured by current treatments, and the optimal length of treatment is unknown. In this webinar, an approach to long-term treatment will be presented based on evidence from randomized controlled trials and observational studies. Management strategies for different levels of fracture risk will be discussed.

    Educational Objectives: 

    • Understand current treatment does not cure osteoporosis
    • Appreciate the relative benefits and risks of osteoporosis treatments
    • Be able to consider anabolic treatment first in high-risk patients

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