• Jul 16, 2015 | Webinar

    Muscle and Bone: Osteoporosis and Sarcopenia

    Neil Binkley, M.D. and Bjoern Buehring, M.D.

    Sarcopenia (the age-related decline in muscle mass and function) and osteoporosis-related fractures both become common with advancing age and may have devastating consequences on quality and quantity of life for older adults.  Fragility fracture risk increases dramatically with advancing age, despite bone mineral density not having a corresponding decline; as such, much recent interest has appropriately focused on the contribution of sarcopenia to falls and fractures.  Indeed, as sarcopenia and osteoporosis share many common pathophysiologic features, some have suggested that osteoporosis and sarcopenia are the same disease in muscle and bone respectively. Despite this similarity, most interventions to date target these conditions separately. Moreover, it is possible/likely the combination of sarcopenia, osteoporosis and obesity comprise a syndrome that further increases fracture risk.  This webinar will review the current state of knowledge about sarcopenia and osteoporosis and will consider clinical approach jointly considering these conditions with the goal of reducing falls, injury and fracture risk. 

    Learning Objectives: 

    • Understand the impact of decreased muscle function and falls on fracture risk.
    • Become familiar with the pathophysiologic features shared between osteoporosis and sarcopenia.
    • Understand the currently proposed definitions for osteoporosis and sarcopenia and the commonality of “sarco-osteoporosis”.
    • Integrate muscle function impairment and falls risk into the assessment and management of osteoporosis. 

    Length: 60 minutes

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