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    National Science Foundation - Opportunities for Funding for Skeletal Research

    National Science Foundation

    ASBMR members who are involved with fundamental structural, functional and historical problems related to bone tissues and to skeletons should know that the National Science Foundation (NSF) plays a similar role in funding social, life and physical sciences as NIH plays in biomedical research. NSF Directorates that are relevant to interdisciplinary bone and skeletal research include: Biological Sciences; Computer and Information Science & Engineering; Geosciences; Mathematical and Physical Sciences; and Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences. Visit them at http://www.nsf.gov.

    The conceptual approach to such NSF-funded basic research may be stated as "Which level, if any, can be ignored or analyzed experimentally out of its organismal context?" This integration is necessary to understand the functional (mechanical/physiological) and adaptational significance of bone and skeletal structure more fully. In the social sciences, for example, research into population variation due to factors such as diet, disease, health and the economy of extant and past human groups is of major importance.

    Efforts to garner focused NSF support for comparative bone biology are now underway. Interested research scientists and educators may contact Tim Bromage at tbromage@hunter.cuny.edu to learn more.

    Tim Bromage
    Department of Anthropology
    Hunter College, CUNY
    695 Park Ave.
    New York, NY 10021
    Phone: (212) 772-5474
    Fax: (212) 772-5419
    E-Mail: tbromage@hunter.cuny.edu.

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