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    miR-218 Directs a Wnt Signaling Circuit to Promote Differentiation of Osteoblasts and Osteomimicry of Metastatic Cancer Cells.

    The authors show that micro RNA miR-218 is induced during osteoblast differentiation and has potent osteogenic properties. miR-218 promoted commitment and differentiation of bone marrow stromal cells by activating a positive Wnt signaling loop by downregulating Sclerostin (SOST), Dickkopf2 (DKK2) and secreted frizzled-related protein2 (SFRP2). In metastatic breast cancer cells but not in normal mammary epithelial cells, miR-218 enhances Wnt activity and abnormal expression of osteoblastic genes (osteomimicry) that contribute to the homing and growth of metastatic cells in bone.


    Hassan MQ, Maeda Y, Taipaleenmaki H, Zhang W, Jafferji M, Gordon JA, et al

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