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    ASBMR Career Center On-Site at the Annual Meeting

    Date: October 07, 2010

    Held every year at the ASBMR Annual Meeting, the on-site Career Center provides an outstanding opportunity for employers and job seekers to meet informally and in prearranged interviews. The ASBMR Career Center will be a part of the ASBMR Networking Center located in the Exhibit Hall of the Metro Toronto Convention Center/South Building. Announce your open position is a cost effective way to reach a diverse group of qualified candidates or find a career opportunity that best fits your skills and expertise. Employers are encouraged to post job openings on the ASBMR website prior to the Annual Meeting. If you are seeking a job opportunity in the field, please remember to bring copies of your resume to the Annual Meeting. The ASBMR Career Center is also accessible year-round online at www.asbmr.org.

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