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    Happy 30th Birthday to the JBMR

    Date: January 13, 2016

    Editor-in-Chief Juliet Compston has kicked off the JBMR’s 30th anniversary recognition with an editorial in the January 2016 issue.  “JBMR's 30th Anniversary: Cause for Celebration” highlights the impact that technology has made on the way researchers publish, identify, and read journal articles as well as the 30-year commitment that the editors, reviewers, ASBMR leaders, and staff have made to the JBMR, resulting in the bone field’s most influential publication.

    Other JBMR 30th anniversary activities are planned for this year, including a timeline of significant developments in the Journal’s history and reflections from the Emeritus Editors-in-Chief, to be published in the September 2016 commemorative edition.

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