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    Before You Vote: Review ASBMR Bylaws Changes

    Date: December 05, 2012

    The ASBMR Council recently approved a change in the election cycle for Officer and Councilor positions. Starting in 2014, online ballots will be sent to the membership in July and elected individuals will take office immediately following that year’s Annual Meeting in September or October. The 2012 Ballot will be sent to ASBMR members on December 10, 2012 and will be the last one on the old election cycle.  In addition to electing the incoming 2013-2014 Officers and Councilors, members will be asked to vote on updates to the bylaws that provide clarity on the new election cycle.

    The ASBMR Council recommends the following bylaws changes to provide additional clarity for the new election cycle and the role of the Nominating Committee. Changes fall under several broad categories and will be made to several sections of the bylaws. Click here to view the bylaws, with all changes tracked.  

    Changes to clarify election process:

    • Article IV (Board of Directors), Section 3 (Election and Terms of Office)
    • Article VII (Officers), Section 2 (Election and Term of Office)
    • Article VII (Officers), Section 4 (Vacancies)

    Changes to clarify the options by which ASBMR may administer the ballot:

    • Article V ( Meetings of Members and Board of Directors), Section 1 (Regular Meetings of Membership)
    • Article XII (Amendments)

    Changes to update Nominating Committee schedule to reflect new election process:

    • Article VI (Committees, Section 2 (Nominating Committee)

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