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    Musculoskeletal GeroScience Meeting – Webcasts Available

    Date: December 03, 2013

    Gerentological Society

    Webcasts from both days of “Advances in Geroscience: Impact on Healthspan and Chronic Disease”October 30 and October 31 – are now available online. ASBMR member Dr. Robert Jilka represented the ASBMR at the meeting and reported that “the overall theme was that a better understanding of the aging process would lead to a better understanding of the chronic diseases of aging. Since the lifespan of model organisms can be extended pharmacologically, it is hoped that such treatments could ameliorate at least some diseases of aging.” However, he noted that “the significant global impact of chronic musculoskeletal disease in the aging population stands in sharp contrast with our poor understanding of these diseases.” The meeting was developed by the NIH, and was sponsored by The Gerontological Society of America and the Alliance for Aging Research, in association with the Foundation of the National Institutes of Health.


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